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that is MS. BITCH to you

You say it like it's a bad thing


I can be quiet as a mouse or I can be really loud and obnoxious. I hate stupid people. I hate talking about politics. I love to cook and love to eat what I cook even more than cooking it. I need to be reassured. I'm terribly insecure even when I come off as terribly confident. I'm picky. I love to laugh but I hate my smile. I play off the things I really enjoy as things that annoy me(like dancing, because I suck). I whine. I love to get my way and will pout until I do. I live to have the upper hand. I don't like people who aren't straight up with me. I hate when people don't speak english. I have a hard time with chit-chat. But sometimes I just can't shut up. I'm socially awkward. I love dying my hair but hate the upkeep. I get killer migraines most of the time and that is why I get called a bitch, because I am in pain. I speak my mind and am terribly opinionated. If you tell me no I'm going to do whatever it was ten times harder. I prefer animals to people. I think I can talk to them. Actually, I know I can. I hate when people walk slowly. I hate ordering coffee in a coffee place and the people behind the counter screw up my order. I like to complain, it keeps me sane. I can't take a compliment. I hate when people "friend" me that I don't know without messaging me first. People who cross the street when I have the green light annoy me to no friggin end. I think stupid people should be eliminated. "sigh" There's a bunch of other stuff I could put here, but I figure you are sufficiently frightened of me. I'm nothing if not real. ;)